KBR uses a fine example of doublespeak

Check this out: KBR is ordered to pay $3 million dollars to an employee who was raped in Iraq.  KBR disagrees with the ruling, but believes it was in the best interest of the parties.  WTF?

A nearly $3 million arbitration award won by a former KBR employee who said she was raped in Iraq was applauded by Houston attorneys who represented her and a Humble woman suing the military contractor for negligence.

. . . .

“KBR disagrees with the interim ruling and has filed a motion for modification of the arbitration award," said a statement from Heather Browne, KBR Inc.'s director of communications. “However, the decision validates what KBR has maintained all along; that the arbitration process is truly neutral and works in the best interest of the parties involved.”

Source: KBR challenges $2.9 million awarded in rape claim | Business | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle