$56 Million in medical expenses, $244 million in punitives in smoker case

The thing is that even without the punitives, if Philip Morris has to pay a few thousand awards like this, there won’t be anymore Philip Morris.  Er, wait.  There’s still a Johns Manville.  Nevermind.  Still, I dream of the day when we either (a) legalize drugs that are less harmful than tobacco, or (b) ban cigarettes and quit being so hypocritical.  

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Florida jury on Thursday ordered cigarette maker Philip Morris USA to pay $300 million in damages to a 61-year-old ex-smoker named Cindy Naugle who is wheelchair-bound by emphysema.

The Broward Circuit Court jury assessed $56.6 million in past and future medical expenses against the company, part of Altria Group Inc, as well as $244 million in punitive damages.

Source: Philip Morris ordered to pay $300 million to smoker | U.S. | Reuters