Hot Daughters in Hot Water

Anne & Elizabeth Hatch

The daughters of went on trial Wednesday on charges stemming from a scuffle outside a Chicago nightclub last year.

Prosecutors alleged during opening statements that , 22, and her sister , 23, attacked police and tried to get special treatment during the fight. Defense attorneys denied the sisters tried to benefit from their father's position and claimed officers used excessive force against the two.

"Not everyone was on their best behavior that morning. ... But no crimes were committed," defense attorney Cynthia Giacchetti said.

The Hatches were charged with misdemeanor counts of battery, resisting arrest and criminal damage to a vehicle. Elizabeth Hatch allegedly slapped an officer's face, causing his glasses to fly off, and Anne Hatch allegedly kicked out a squad car window after police placed her in the back seat, according to testimony.

The dispute began after security guards escorted Elizabeth Hatch out of a club called Crobar in the hours of March 27 because she allegedly was too intoxicated and called a waitress a profanity. The sisters had gone out to celebrate Anne Hatch's 21st birthday.

Even though it's only a misdemeanor case in muni court, the case is the talk of Chicago's legal scene. Bashman links to media coverage of the case here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. The text quoted above is from the AP via the Detroit Free Press.

UPDATE (6/11): Judge says Hatch sisters not guilty