So This Is What They Mean by 'Come Out Swinging'

Defense attorney Donald Papcsy, of Norwalk, Conn.'s DiScala, DiScala & Papcsy, doesn't deny his client's sudden bout of belligerence in a Norwalk courtroom was inappropriate. But the defendant's actions didn't justify Assistant State's Attorney Michael DeJoseph allegedly punching Papcsy's client twice in the face, Papcsy said June 2. . . .

[D]efendant Anthony Rogers was representing himself when Norwalk Superior Court Judge William P. Hickey Jr. denied his request for a continuance so he could hire Papcsy's firm. Rogers became agitated and cursed while the judge was speaking, prompting Hickey to order he be jailed for 30 days for criminal contempt, according to a state police incident report.

Rogers then picked up a metal box containing court files, threw it toward the judge and was subdued by court personnel, according to the report. While he was being removed from the court, Rogers allegedly spat blood toward DeJoseph.

An associate in Papcsy's firm, former state prosecutor Michael Colombo, was in the courtroom on other business and told Papcsy that DeJoseph punched Rogers twice after judicial marshals had subdued the defendant, Papcsy said. That information could not be independently confirmed. The state police said Rogers had a small cut on his lower lip.

"It is not the job of Michael DeJoseph to run over and punch somebody in the face," Papcsy said. "Would he have punched a CEO from Westport in the mouth? Or is it just because it was an underprivileged South Norwalk citizen?"

Details here from The Connecticut Law Tribune via