How can you be smart enough to get into Harvard Law, but dumb enough to set fire to a 9/11 memorial in NYC?

Yeah, I’m late on this one.  But it’s still worth bringing up.  Clearly, GPA and LSAT scores don’t determine your intelligence, your fitness to practice, or your worth as a human being:

Updated: The law firm Sidley Austin has rescinded an employment offer to a Harvard law graduate who has turned himself in to police for allegedly setting fire to a Sept. 11 memorial in Manhattan.

The suspect, 26-year-old Brian Schroeder, is a 2009 graduate of Harvard Law School, the Harvard Law Record reports. He was a 2008 summer associate at Sidley Austin; a permanent offer of employment has been rescinded, Sidley Austin partner Bill Conlon told the ABA Journal.

Schroeder turned himself in for the blaze at the Memorial Park chapel housing the remains of unidentified Sept. 11 victims on Saturday evening, according to the New York Post and the New York Times. The remains were unharmed, but mementos such as photos and flowers were either damaged or stolen. Sources told the Post that the Saturday morning fire may have been set as part of a drunken dare.

Source: Sidley Austin Rescinds Offer to New Hire Suspected of Setting Fire to 9-11 Chapel | ABA Journal - Law News Now

On a related note, wouldn’t you hate to be on trial in NYC for trying to burn down a 9/11 memorial?  If I were a judge, I’d seriously consider granting a change of venue motion… then deny it because anyone this stupid gets whatever the jury gives him.