Fired Lawyer Uses Poorly Written Blog To Trash Former PI Law Firm

On the one hand, I applaud this guy for having the huevos to do this.

Google "Levinson Axelrod" and you find two addresses -- and -- that bring you to the Edison, N.J., personal injury firm's Web site.

But the query also pulls up, and clicking that one makes clear that it's not run by the firm. The first words on the home page are "The truth behind the lies."

The site is the creation of Edward Harrington Heyburn, an associate at Levinson Axelrod from 1998 until he was let go in 2004. An audio clip dedicates it "to all the working class people that get stepped on by their rich bosses."

Source: - Fired Associate Launches Mimic Site to Trash-Talk Firm

But on the other hand, I seriously question how good of a lawyer the guy can be when he talks about “law suits” and being “sileneced.”


But going back to the other hand… allegations that his former employers told sexually inappropriate jokes and dumped their loser cases on associates so they wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of a loss does sound pretty plausible to me.