Judge To Decide If iPod Showdown Belongs In Court

14-Year-Old Girl Suing Classmate Over Missing iPod

(Naperville Sun) WHEATON, Ill. Stephanie Eick isn't expected to be in court today when a DuPage County judge decides whether he'll hear arguments as to who's responsible for the loss of Shannon Derrik's iPod, or whether he'll grant the request of Stephen Eick and dismiss the lawsuit filed by Derrik's mother, Melanie McCarthy.

But if the judge decides the dispute belongs before the court, she'll have to show up sometime.

So will Shannon and perhaps other former Still Middle School students who might know a bit about the situation.

The two sides will either have to arrange a future date with the judge on a day when the kids aren't in class, but court is in session, or the kids will end up missing school because of the suit, Stephen Eick said.

Details here from CBS2Chicago.com.