Family Calls Naked Pic Charges "Bull Crap"

Theodore Rufo

FRAMINGHAM [MA] -- Theodore Rufo’s arraignment was short, but it was his supporters who drew attention after yesterday’s Framingham District Court appearance.

One woman claimed a television cameraman touched her breasts, a man who said he was Rufo’s father told a news crew he was "sick of this bull crap," and another woman yelled at reporters and cameramen to leave them alone and to go "catch terrorists."

Rufo, 42, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. He is accused of displaying a photo of himself to a woman, in which he is naked except for pantyhose with the crotch cut out to expose his genitals, authorities said.

Police arrested Rufo, of 173 Main St., Medway, on Thursday, the day after police said he taped the explicit photo of himself to his car window so a woman could see it as she walked to her car, according to court records . . . .

[I]nside Rufo’s car, police said they discovered crotchless pantyhose, women’s underwear, high heel shoes, pornographic magazines, photos of Rufo in women’s undergarments, sex toys and cameras.

This story has so many bizarre and incongruous details that it almost has to be fake. But I'm afraid it must be real -- a Google search for "Theodore Rufo" currently returns 738 pages, all referring to these events. Details here from the Metro West Daily News. (via PB)