Film Industry Group Files Lawsuit Against DVD Jukebox Maker

A film industry group has sued a high-end consumer electronics company, claiming its home theater jukebox system makes illegal copies of movie DVDs.

The DVD Copy Control Association alleges its proprietary copy protection technology of movie DVDs, known as the Content Scramble System ["CSS"], is being misused in the Kaleidescape System that makes permanent copies of movie DVDs onto a hard drive and allows users to access the video library from anywhere in a home. With the system, which starts at $27,000 for the storage of up to 160 movies, multiple films can be simultaneously played in different rooms using accompanying movie players hooked up to a network.

The Copy Control Association, an arm of Hollywood studios, filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Kaleidescape Inc. on Tuesday in Santa Clara County Superior Court, seeking a judge's order to halt sales of the product. It's the latest move in the ongoing, larger war the movie industry has waged in trying to prevent what it considers unauthorized usage of its content.

It's apparently breach-of-contract suit because although Kaleidescape has a license to use the CSS technology, what it's doing allegedly violates the license. Details here from Newsfactor.