Woman Asks for Decrease in Fen-Phen Award

Here's something you don't see every day:

BEAUMONT, Texas - A woman awarded more than $1.3 million by a jury last month for heart damage suffered after she used the weight-loss drug Fen-Phen has asked her award be reduced by more than half.

A motion by Deborah Hayes' attorney asks a state judge to lower her award to $588,480, on the grounds that the jury's award for future medical care exceeded the amount supported by the evidence.

The jury had recommended Hayes be awarded $810,000 for future medical expenses and $500,000 for future mental anguish.

"We asked the figure be adjusted to what the evidence showed," Hayes' attorney, Jim Morris Jr., said Thursday. "We would rather do it now than on appeal two years down the road. I can only keep an award that is supported by the evidence."

You can read the AP's full report via Yahoo! here.