Oops? Iowa Judge Grants Divorce To Lesbian Couple

I'm not sure whether this was an "oops" or a "wink, wink":

A county judge approved a divorce for a lesbian couple who obtained a civil union in Vermont, saying he didn't realize he was signing a settlement for a same-sex couple, but ultimately decided to let his decision stand.

Iowa is one of 37 states whose law bans same-sex marriage.

State Sen. Neal Schuerer accused Judge Jeffrey Neary on Thursday of "judicial activism at its worst."

"The judge was wrong. He should have backed away and sent them back to Vermont," said Schuerer, a Republican. "If judges want to flaunt the law like this, I can guarantee you we will move to recall them."

Neary, a district judge for Woodbury County, said he routinely signs divorces and doesn't check the participants' gender. When he discovered what had happened last month, said he confronted Dennis Ringgenberg, attorney for one of the women.

"I said this is probably going to be a controversial matter at some point in time," Neary said, "and he smiled and said, 'You're right."'

Neary, who was appointed in January by Gov. Tom Vilsack, said he had the opportunity to change his mind but decided against it -- the divorce was permissible, he said, under a constitutional clause that requires states to recognize laws of other states.

From the AP here via CNN.com.