Dems can learn a thing or two from McCain

I don’t think he can run the country, but he can run his town hall meetings:

PHOENIX - Sen. John McCain met with an angry crowd at a town-hall meeting about health care reform Wednesday, sometimes having to fight to talk and telling one woman who wouldn't stop yelling that she had to leave.

The Arizona senator hadn't yet opened up the meeting at McCain's central Phoenix church to questions when one audience member continuously yelled over him.

"You're going to have to stop or you're going to have to leave," McCain told the woman. When security guards approached to escort her out, he told her "Goodbye, see ya" to a round of applause.

Source: McCain evicts angry woman from town hall - Health care reform-

Note to Dems: When you’re faced with screaming/shouting/disruptive citizens, kick them out.  There’s a difference between a spirited discussion and a shouting match.  Welcome the former, and refuse to engage in the latter. 

Sure, Fox News will accuse you of trying to censor the opposition, but the only way to please Fox would be to resign.  So take a page from John McCain and refuse to allow angry asshats to ruin your town hall meetings.