iPhone: Worst. Phone. Ever.

So say the gents at CNET UK.

That's right, we said it -- and we're not taking it back. The iPhone may be the greatest handheld surfing device ever to rock the mobile Web, and a fabulous media player to boot. It may be the highest-rated mobile phone on CNET UK, rocking the pockets of half of our crack editorial team. It's certainly the touchscreen face that launched a thousand apps. But as an actual call-making phone, it's rubbish, and we aim to prove it.

Source: The iPhone is the worst phone in the world - Crave at CNET UK


I on the other hand am smugly enjoying my Blackberry, so I can’t confirm or deny the problems listed here.  I will say that I recommend smart phones to my lawyer friends in this order:

1: Blackberry – Best email support of any device, and the phone is pretty damned good, too.

2: Windows Mobile – Email is almost as good as Blackberry, and the phone is acceptable.

3: iPhone – My friends with iPhones bitch enough about dropped calls and phantom calls that I just can’t recommend it.