Doctor Sues Alleging He Was Fired For Complaining About Deal Between Hospital and Medtronic

I’ll see if I can’t scare up a copy of this lawsuit.

Medical device companies like Medtronic have been under fire lately for their megabucks deals with doctors who can influence purchases of medical products.

So what happens to doctors who complain about these types of relationships? Those who, in effect, are whistleblowers?

One doctor got fired, according to a lawsuit filed in state court in Massachusetts by David Gossman, an interventional cardiologist formerly on staff at the prestigious Lahey Clinic hospitals in the Boston area. According to his lawsuit, he complained about Medtronic’s offering the hospital a new experimental heart-valve device “predicated on the purchase and increased utilization of other products made by Medtronic.”

Source: Doctor: I Was Fired for Fighting Hospital’s Ties to Medtronic - Health Blog - WSJ