Missing Lawyer Admits Embezzlement in Confessional Letter

The letter is part confession, part apology and part practical advice. It is shocking in its honesty.

"I have embezzled funds from my clients," business law attorney Jonathan Hoyt wrote to his son, attorney Christopher Hoyt. "Like most lawyers who fall into this trap I always did it with the idea that I would repay the funds, but of course once I started down this slippery slope there was nothing but failure waiting for me at the end."

The letter is dated July 7, one day after Jonathan Hoyt, 58, was last seen in The Hoyt Law Group's Clinton, Conn., office, according to police. As of late last week, he was still missing. Clinton police are investigating his disappearance. Hoyt's tan 1999 Lexus 300 four-door sedan was found by police on July 17 in a private parking lot near the Intermodal Transportation Center in Bridgeport, Conn.

On July 20, Middletown Superior Court Judge Julia L. Aurigemma accepted the state disciplinary counsel's application to immediately suspend the elder Hoyt's law license. A trustee has been appointed to take over the firm's client files.

Details here from the Connecticut Law Tribune via Law.com.