Lawyer's Rare-Postcard Hobby Gets Him Disciplined

After a bad bout with Lyme disease that left him mentally impaired, John Rhody gave up his law practice and looked forward to passing his days with a favorite hobby -- old postcards.

But he made no mention of this leisure pursuit when he applied for long-term disability insurance benefits and was asked to list his daily activities.

That omission drew him a criminal conviction, followed by ethics charges, and the New Jersey Supreme Court's Disciplinary Review Board voted on April 4 to reprimand him.

All this because Rhody is not your average collector. He spent a good deal of time buying and selling old postcards on eBay, at flea markets and at trade shows, and his estranged wife -- with whom he was locked in a divorce battle -- wanted her cut of the profits.

Details here from the New Jersey Law Journal via