Acquitted Man Gets 33 Months for Cursing Judge

You just can’t call a state district court judge a “dirty son of a bitch” and not expect to spend some time in jail. Christopher M. Bass, 41, found that out the hard way.

Bass was acquitted by a jury late last year of felony drug possession charges, but has spent the past six weeks in jail for contempt of court.

Fourth Judicial District Judge Robert Lowrey sentenced him to 33 months in jail on seven contempt charges after Bass called him an SOB three times, then added insult to injury by telling Lowrey to be quiet, refusing to answer Lowrey’s questions and refusing an order to shut up.

Bass had been in custody since October on the drug charge, unable to post the $25,000 bond.

Local attorneys and judges can’t remember the last time anyone has been hit with a nearly three-year sentence for contempt.

Details here from the Colorado Springs Gazette.