Men Seeking Anna Nicole Smith Baby Might Not Prosper

Men are lining up to claim they are the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby. But they could be mistaken if they think paternity will automatically mean a pot of gold.

Instead, they could be stepping into a monumentally complex, multinational legal fight over the child. Moreover, it is not at all clear whether the little girl is a million-dollar baby, as some seem to think.

For all anyone knows, the voluptuous former centerfold, who died at age 39 last week under mysterious circumstances, may have set up a trust or employed some other means of keeping the father of her baby from getting his hands on her fortune.

Wayne Munroe, an attorney representing Smith's estate in the Bahamas, hinted at just that, suggesting there may be provisions in her will that could undermine any great expectations among potential fathers.

''They may think that you get a finding and a court order and you get to live on the child's money,'' said Munroe, who has access to Smith's will. ''But they are in for a rude awakening.''

Details here from the AP via the New York Times.