Alleged Perv Lawyer Returns and Courthouse is Abuzz

Larry Charles, Perv Lawyer

Larry Charles returned to the scene of the alleged crime yesterday. This time, sheriff's deputies said, he was wearing clothes. A suit and tie, to be exact.

Less than a week after sheriff's deputies say they caught Charles buck-naked with a 14-year-old girl inside the Criminal Justice Center, the shamed defense attorney was back representing clients.

"He's doing his best by going back to his job, which is what he is supposed to do," said his attorney, Angelo Cameron. "He has children to feed."

Charles' courthouse appearance set off a buzz as everyone from clerks to cops phoned each other to report "Larry sightings." Even janitors were atwitter.

"Everyone is calling saying, 'Hey, guess who I just saw?' and 'What is he doing here?' " said a sheriff's deputy, one of many people interviewed who did not want to be named in the newspaper. . . .

[O]n Monday, Charles, 49, was arrested and charged with aggravated statutory sexual assault, corrupting the morals of a minor and false imprisonment. He posted a $5,000 bail. According to police records, Charles ushered the girl into a secluded, third-floor conference room and barricaded the door with a chair. Then he stripped naked and masturbated in front of her.

Court employees and attorneys who saw Charles yesterday morning described a changed man. The normally jokey and chatty attorney seemed tame, even sheepish.

"He seemed reserved, embarrassed," one lawyer said. "Unless you're mentally insane, you'd have to be embarrassed. I mean the whole world just found out you're a pervert."

Details here from Philadelphia Daily News. My earlier post about Mr. Charles and his problem is here.