IBM Accused of Hacking Law Firm's Network

In April, legal firm Butera and Andrews filed suit in US District Court against IBM, seeking damages of more than US$60,000. The company says that restituion would cover the cost of attorneys and consultants hired in order to beef up security on its network after IBM hacked it. According to the Butera and Andrews, over 42,000 hacking attempts have been made on its e-mail system, and IP addresses connected to the attacks have been traced to an IBM office in Durham, NC.

IBM has responded by asking Judge Reggie Walton to dismiss the suit, claiming that it had nothing to do with the assault and that B&A has no legitimate case against Big Blue. For its part, the legal firm is asking the court to allow it to grant it limited discovery to proceed with its investigation, and the entire case now sits on the judge's desk, awaiting his decision on whether or not it makes sense to proceed.

Details here from ars technica.