Sex, Yale Law & Videotape

A dollop of voyeurism hit Yale Law School’s campus this spring, according a story from last week’s New Haven Register.

According to the story, a roommate of Yale Law School 2L Joseph Masters was searching for an epsiode of “24″ on their shared hard drive when he stumbled upon a video of a third roommate and the third roommate’s girlfriend showering together.

Masters, 26, was arrested May 25 on voyeurism charges. According to the arrest warrant, Masters used a pinhole camera to make his erotic film.

All three roommates’ computers were linked through a common wireless network set up by Masters. Masters reportedly told police that he installed the pinhole camera in the apartment out of “sheer curiosity.” In addition to the shower romp, Masters admitted to making another video of his girlfriend. Masters, who is due to be arraigned June 17 in New Haven, reportedly told his girlfriend he’s seeking psychological help.

Details here from the WSJ Law Blog.