Court Reporter: I Saw Judge's Penis "At Least 15 Times"

BRISTOW [OK] -- The court reporter for former Creek County District Judge Donald Thompson testified Monday that she saw his penis "at least 15 times" and that she saw him urinate into a wastebasket twice during trials. Thompson is on trial on four felony counts of indecent exposure, which allege that he used a penis pump to masturbate while on the bench.

The court reporter, Lisa K. Foster, provided powerful and emotional testimony Monday about the "shocking and disgusting" things she saw from 2001 into 2003. Foster was Thompson's court reporter for 15 years. He fired her in September 2003 for reportedly cooperating with an investigation of his alleged misconduct.

Foster also told jurors that she saw Thompson "shaving his scrotum" during closing arguments in an August 2003 murder trial.

That trial was for Tammy Renee Brooks, accused in the 2000 murder of her 21-month-old daughter, Skyla Brooks.

Foster testified that while the assistant prosecutor, Carol Iski, was giving her closing arguments in the case, Thompson pulled his penis out of his pants, pulled it close to his body with his left hand, and began shaving his scrotum with a disposable razor.

"It wasn't long strokes" with the razor. "He was sort of picking at it," she testified.

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