Innocence Project Asks Texas to Review Arson Convictions

AUSTIN - The Innocence Project, known for its work exonerating inmates on DNA evidence, on Tuesday asked a state panel to investigate whether Texas wrongly executed a man for arson murder and called for a review of arson convictions statewide.

"It's time to find out whether Texas executed an innocent man," said Barry Scheck, co-director of the New York-based Innocence Project.

Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted of arson murder in 1992 and executed in 2004. Ernest Willis, however, was convicted of the same type of crime but exonerated after getting sentenced to death and serving 17 years in prison.

The Innocence Project submitted claims of questionable evidence in the cases to the Texas Forensic Science Commission, created last year to look into allegations of forensic misconduct.

Details here from the AP. The Innocence Project's press release is here. (via Bashman)