Possibly Visited by U2's The Edge, The Wall Street Journal's 'Law Blog' Blushes Like a Giddy School Girl

The Law Blog and the WSJ’s Merck Vioxx reporter Heather Won Tesoriero have a new parlor game: trying to figure out whether it was the The Edge, U2’s master guitarist, who posted a comment last week in response to our post about Texas plaintiffs’ lawyer Mark Lanier’s Atlantic City Vioxx trial music mix. The comment posted by someone identified as The Edge corrected a U2 song title, which we listed as “Signs and Wonders,” but was in fact “Crumbs from Your Table.” (”You speak of signs and wonders/ But I need something other,” is a lyric from the song.)

To cover his bases and get in on the action, Lanier posted a comment on the Law Blog acknowledging his mistake. “I should do better,” he admonished himself. The bible-quoting Lanier also threw in an oblique reference to the New Testament parable of Lazarus, the beggar who was denied food by a rich man. (For the record, Lanier says he copied the song title directly from iTunes.)

But the question remained: Could it be that during studio breaks, The Edge was checking out the Law Blog?

Could it be??!! Ya think??!! Details are here, and be sure to read the comments, some of which are pretty funny.

UPDATE: Guess what? It wasn't him.