Judging By His Handwriting


Holier-than-thou jurist scrawls an illegible signature order

MARCH 14--It seems that there is a serious penmanship problem with lawyers filing documents in Mississippi's Eighth Circuit Court. So much so that the presiding judge there issued the below order warning attorneys that the court clerk would now reject pleadings and motions containing illegible signatures. The judicial order, filed February 3, will be enforced by clerks in four Mississippi counties: Leake, Neshoba, Newton, and Scott. Now here's the funny part: We defy you to make out the signature of the judge who issued the handwriting order. Sure, some online searching may turn the guy's name up, but to TSG's naked eye, it seems the jurist is named "Micg Gl." Or perhaps "Smccg Ge."

Details here from The Smoking Gun. (via The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog)