Lawyer Disbarred For Belittling Former Client's Husband, Attorney

LINCOLN, Neb. (CN) – The Nebraska Supreme Court disbarred attorney Robert H. Beach for his unprofessional conduct while representing a 21-year-old waitress he met at a truck stop. Beach, who was hired to help with a felony probation revocation case, said he was “paternalistic and fond of” his client, and called her his “black sheep daughter.” While barred from drinking alcohol by terms of probation, he took her to bars and bought her drinks, claiming she needed them to “balance her wacky head.” He wrote a letter to her husband stating, “I believe (my client) at long last realizes what a useless piece of shit you are and her worst enemy.” Beach told him to “Try the Brownville Bridge again – face first,” referring to the husband’s earlier suicide attempt when his wife threatened to leave him. When a grievance was filed against Breach, he wrote to the disciplinary counsel that he had “pissed-off friends who are meaner than junk-yard dogs and have good memories” and called the grievance lawyer a “feminazi bitch.” See Nebraska v. Beach.

From Courthouse News Service.