N.C. Former Prosecutors Facing Charges

(AP) - RALEIGH, N.C.-The North Carolina State Bar has charged a former district attorney and his assistant with prosecutorial misconduct in a 1996 murder case that ended in a death sentence. The defendant remains in prison awaiting a court-ordered retrial after spending seven years on death row.

The bar filed the charges of prosecutorial misconduct last week against Kenneth Honeycutt, former district attorney of Union County, and his assistant, Scott Brewer. The regulatory group charged that each committed 23 violations of rules governing lawyers.

According to the bar, Honeycutt and Brewer lied to the trial judge, the jury and the defense lawyers and knowingly used false evidence at the trial. The main witness against defendant Jonathan Hoffman received what the bar said was a very favorable plea deal, and Honeycutt and Brewer allegedly concealed it from the judge.

If they are found guilty in a hearing before the bar, punishment could range from a written reprimand to the loss of their law licenses.

Details here from the AP via FindLaw.com.