Letter May Solve 1930 Mystery of Missing Judge

Judge Crater

NEW YORK � Police may be on the brink of finding the remains of Judge Joseph Crater and possibly solving the most enduring mystery in New York City history, investigators say.

A letter probably penned more than 50 years ago has pinpointed a spot under the Coney Island boardwalk where Crater � last seen leaving a Times Square watering hole 75 years ago � is buried, they said. The letter was written by a woman who died of natural causes in June, they said. Upon her death, family members opened a safe-deposit box, where granddaughter Barbara O'Brien found a letter with "Do Not Open Until My Death" instructions on the envelope.

In it, the letter writer wrote that her father told her on his deathbed where Crater's remains were � on the current site of the New York Aquarium � and that cab driver Frank Burn was his killer.

The names of the letter writer and her father are being kept secret.

Details here from the New York Daily News via the Seattle Times.