PD Sends Crude Message After Pay Error

Kootenai County [Idaho] commissioners have suspended a public defender who allegedly sent them a crude message in a greeting card about a mistake in her pay increase. Public defender Linda Payne delivered the missive after the county miscalculated pay benefits and told county attorneys they could expect about $5,000 more per year than was actually approved � then retracted it the next day. Payne's hand-delivered greeting card was accompanied by a jar of petroleum jelly and a tube of red lipstick.

"The next time you choose to give us something please lubricate and/or kiss first," she wrote in the June 9 note.

It went on to say that the commission had called the prosecutor and public defender a profanity and claimed that "monkeys could do our jobs."

Commission Chairman Gus Johnson said he knows of no one on the commission who has said such things. He also said Payne's letter was an unprofessional response to a simple mistake.

Details here from the AP via the San Francisco Chronicle.