F**k Ken Tomlinson

Kenneth Y. Tomlinson

Chief Under Fire

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A top official at National Public Radio blamed a proposed $100 million federal budget cut for public broadcasting on "irresponsible" charges of political bias made by the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting itself.

In a memo e-mailed to his staff Friday, NPR's executive vice president, Ken Stern, charged that "the recent public turbulence caused by CPB Chairman Ken Tomlinson's irresponsible attacks on public broadcasting has created an atmosphere conducive to this action."

Details here from CNN. I blogged about the cuts to the CPB here earlier this evening. I blogged about what an asshole almost six weeks ago. Tomlinson is an ignorant man, and he owes everything to Bush. (He also looks like a smug, bearded Porky Pig. He looks like he needs to be slapped. Doesn't he?)

Tomlinson's appointment as the head of the CPB is a minor hat-tip from the Bush administration's to its radical evangelical base. Write to your Senator or Representative here and tell them what you think of Tomlinson and his ignorant, partisan attacks on PBS and NPR -- the very organizations he is supposed to be supporting.