Courthouse Puzzle: Who Could Refuse $617,000?

Man won't claim money that court says is his

In the Milwaukee County Courthouse, where plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers and ex-spouses line up every day to bicker about money, nobody knows quite what to make of the man who won't take home his $617,000.

By a judge's order, that sum sits quietly in an interest-bearing account at Tri City National Bank, waiting for Gene A. Sehrt to walk into the clerk of court's office, show an ID and ask for what's his. The ownership of the money couldn't be clearer - the sum came from the rental and sale of some Milwaukee commercial properties a court-appointed receiver administered at Sehrt's family's request, after he wasn't heard from for several years.

If Sehrt exists, and no shortage of evidence says he does, the money is his.

What could be simpler?

Just about anything, according to many of the judges, attorneys, court clerks, relatives, detectives, ex-business partners and ex-lovers whose paths have crossed with Sehrt or his case over the 30 years since his mother asked the courts to legally transfer her son's property.

Details here from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (via How Appealing)