Shearman Sues in Bid to Smoke Out Critic

Shearman & Sterling is trying to root out the identity of someone -- it suspects a current or recent employee -- who posted a "highly offensive" message about a firm staff manager on community Web site

The firm is relying on a tool that's become increasingly common among companies and others targeted by anonymous Internet users: filing suits against John or Jane Does that can help identify them.

The New York-based giant sued a Jane Doe in San Francisco Superior Court late last month based on a copy of the craigslist posting she allegedly e-mailed to the manager.

"This was a hateful and racist e-mail that verbally assaulted one of our staff members. And we have a responsibility to protect our staff and to respond appropriately," said Shearman & Sterling spokeswoman Jolene Overbeck.

At this point, the obvious question is: where can we read that craiglist posting/"hateful and racist e-mail"? C'mon, people. We all know it's out there . . . Post a link in the comments! Post a link in the comments!!

Details (from the story above, not the actual email) here from The Recorder via