Statue Fenced Off to Protect Groin

This has nothing to do with the law, but I couldn't help but share:

Victor Noir

Authorities at a Paris cemetery have fenced off a tomb of a romantic 19th century figure, fearing its statue is being damaged by female visitors rubbing its groin area.

The Pere Lachaise cemetery is the resting place of French journalist, Victor Noir - whose real name was Yvan Salman.

The tomb has long been popular with women visitors, because of his romantic reputation and the effigy's design, the BBC has reported.

As well as putting up a fence, officials have erected a sign prohibiting "indecent rubbing", the BBC reported on its website.

The statue depicts Noir lying flat on his back, with a distinct and worn enlargement in the groin.

Details are here. I love it that his nom de plume was "Victor Noir." That's almost as good as the name of my favorite band, "Witch Taint."