Judge Gives Miser's Millions to Charity

LONDON, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- A British judge overruled a miserly millionaire's will and gave all of his money to charity and nothing to his four heirs.

In disposing of his $6.975 million estate, Reginald Harwood, the Lord of Swillington, decreed that a museum bearing his name and housing his collection of antiques should be opened. Three of his children were deeply opposed and sought to overturn the will on grounds that it was utterly impractical.

Judge John Weeks decided that the museum plan was indeed ridiculous -- there actually was very little for a museum of that kind -- but rather than declare Harwood intestate, in which case the children would have shared the fortune, he ordered that the estate be given to charity.

The heirs, citing monetary needs, spoke of challenging the judge's decision.

"There wasn't a charitable bone in my father's body," Harwood's youngest daughter told the Times of London.

Details here from UPI.