Suckered By Stripper, Man Sues

In a remarkably embarrassing new lawsuit, an Arizona man claims that he was bilked out of $175,000 by a Phoenix stripper who played him for a sucker for three years. According to a Superior Court complaint, a copy of which you'll find below, gullible Zachary Hull, 39, met Kimberly Jennings in November 2001 while she was working as a topless dancer. Jennings claimed that she stripped to pay for her college tuition and "painted a tale of woe and honest needs" so that Hull would "feel sorry for her," alleges the complaint. Hull told Jennings that she should stop dancing and "that they should get to know each other and become friends. In exchange he would assist her with money for her financial needs." From that point, Hull contends, Jennings fed him lie after lie so that she could "manipulate [him] into providing her with funds." The list of stories (or "false representations" as they are called in the lawsuit) swallowed by Hull is lengthy, covering everything from supposed chest infections and dental surgery to breast cancer treatment and moving expenses. Hull claimed when he confronted Jennings about her finances, she would become defensive and warn that if he did not cover her expenses she would return to stripping. Jennings "actively concealed" her real name, and the fact that she was married and had children, claimed Hull, who also named Jennings's husband as a defendant in his fraud complaint. Hull is seeking the return of his $175k, along with interest and legal fees.

Details here from The Smoking Gun. (via Courthouse News Service)