CourtTV: 'Child Erotica' Found During Search at Jackson's Neverland Ranch

One of the books confiscated from Jackson's home in 1993 is entitled "The Boy: A Photographic Essay." According to child erotica connoisseurs on the Internet, this rare book is considered to be "a homoerotic classic." The book, published in 1964, contains dozens of photographs of nude prepubescent boys, many in suggestive poses. There are nude boys captured outdoors, nude boys who appear to be posing for the camera, and boys displaying full frontal nudity.

Dr. Patricia Farrell, who has worked with pedophiles and their victims, studied the book for Court TV and concluded, "I think that this book could be used as a vehicle in a plan for seduction." Dr. Farrell said the photos in the book are perfect ammunition for a pedophile to use to begin a dialogue with a potential victim.

"It's to introduce that whole sexual kind of atmosphere," Dr. Farrell explained. "Then you can begin to use [it] and go on from there. You know, it's like going through a maze [for the molester]. They don't go through directly to the target � you go this way and that way to get to the target."

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