Daily Six-Pack Drinker Wants License Back

LEBANON, Pa. (AP) - A man who lost his driving privileges after his doctor reported to police that he drank a six-pack of beer a day is taking his fight to a higher court. Keith Emerich, 44, asked Commonwealth Court to overturn the state Department of Transportation's decision to revoke his license.

A Lebanon County Common Pleas judge upheld the decision, but ruled that Emerich may obtain restricted driving privileges as long as he uses a device that tests his blood-alcohol content before starting his car.

Emerich, 44, a printing company employee, was notified in April he would lose his license, about two months after he disclosed his drinking habit to doctors treating him for an irregular heartbeat.

A Pennsylvania law from the 1960s requires doctors to report any impairments in patients that could compromise their ability to drive safely.

F**king ridiculous. A six pack a day? We at Legal Reader often polish off a 12 pack before breakfast (but then we take the bus to work . . .). I wonder what kind of fanatic his doctor was. Details here from the AP via Findlaw.com.