Microsoft Ordered to Pay California Lawyers Over $112 Million

I'm not sure why this hasn't gotten any press (other than in The Daily Journal, which is not online) but on Thursday September 9, Judge Paul Alvarado of San Francisco Superior Court ordered Microsoft to pay a whopping $100,963,406.00 in attorneys' fees, plus some $11.5 million in costs, to a group of plaintiffs' law firms lead by California's Townsend and Townsend and Crew. The judge applied a "multiplier" of 2.0 to most of the actual fees incurred.

The fee award comes in the California antitrust class action which Microsoft settled for some $1.1 billion in benefits to the class -- the largest such recovery ever in California.

Counsel for plaintiffs had requested fees of over $258 million (using a sliding multiplier averaging 5.05), while Microsoft had suggested limiting fees to about $76 million (using a multiplier of 1.5).

The Judge's twenty five page Order can be found on Townsend's website at the Notice of Entry of Order Re Fees link (pdf).

UPDATE: now has an article about the fee award available online here.