Korean Lawfirm Brings Charges Against "Netizens" for Copyright Infringement

According to a report by Munhwa Ilbo on Thursday, Dongnyuk Law firm plans to bring charges against 20 Korean Internet users for violating copyright laws.
Those netizens are accused of downloading and sharing singer Baek Ji-young�s music video �Concert for Adults� and several movies -including �Kill Bill 2�, �The Grudge 2�, and �Shin Yukiguni�- on the Internet without permission.

The law firm is entrusted in dealing with criminal lawsuits relating to copyright infringement by Digitalprizm, the copyright holder of Baek Ji-young�s music video; Taewon Entertainment, the company that imported �Kill Bill 2� and �The Grudge 2�; and Hanmaek Entertainment, the representative company for the Korean Film Producer Association.

The Munhwa Ilbo report cited the firm�s lawyer Jo Myun-sik saying, �We confirmed that as many as 3,500 Korean Internet users have violated the copyright law. We sent the certification of contents to a 100 of them, and we are initiating procedures to negotiate with them. But 20 refused to negotiate, so we made criminal complaints against them.�

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Details here from The Chosun Ilbo.