Ex-San Francisco Police Chief Sues Ex-DA, City

Former San Francisco Police Chief Earl Sanders filed a $33 million claim against the city and former District Attorney Terence Hallinan on Thursday, blaming Hallinan for ruining his health and reputation when he briefly prosecuted Sanders for allegedly plotting to block last year's investigation into an alleged assault by off-duty officers.

Sanders, who has since retired after a 39-year career, was one of seven high-ranking cops who were indicted by a grand jury last February on charges that they conspired to trip up the investigation into the alleged assault by three off-duty cops against two civilians on Union Street. The civilians claimed they had been attacked by the officers after failing to turn over a bag of fajitas.

Hallinan, who lost his bid for re-election in December, later dropped charges against Sanders but not before Sanders was arrested with other top brass. The chief went on medical leave soon after.

"He almost killed the chief. He had a stroke during the arraignment,'' Sanders' attorney, Charles Bonner, said Thursday.

What a shitstorm! Details here from the San Francisco Chronicle.

UPDATE: Reuters weighs in via CNN.com: From a bag of fajitas, a $33M suit