New Insight into Peterson Deliberations

During the court arguments Monday in the Scott Peterson murder case, the lawyers and the judge gave some insight into what happened during the tempestuous deliberations that ended in a guilty verdict.

We learned that Greg Jackson, the original foreperson on the jury, asked to be let off the panel because he thought public sentiment may have influenced his decisions.

"I would never know personally whether or not I was giving the community's verdict, the popular verdict, the expected verdict, the verdict that might, I don't know, produce the best book," he said.

Judge Alfred Delucchi excused him during jury deliberations.

We also learned another dismissed juror, Fran Gorman, actually broke down in the jury room -- Geragos described it as "physically disintegrated" -- because she was angry at herself for breaking the rules against individual research on the case.

Details here from San Francisco's