Stanford Law Grad, U.S. Clash Over Cache of Cash

Considered bright by her classmates, Cristina Leeann Schultz studied hard at Stanford Law School to become an attorney. But then she turned away from law to service a different kind of client.

She worked and worked and finally paid off more than $300,000 in student loans, under the stage name of Brazil, a call girl who roamed the country to turn ``high-priced hottie'' tricks, the federal government claims. Her attorney says she simply ran a very successful Internet escort service.

Whatever her enterprise, Schultz is now far from a starving student. She's done very well. So well that federal agents rummaging her trash found $2,400 in $100 bills in a discarded law book.

This all came to light after the federal government searched her then-residence in Oakland in January, seizing about $61,000 in cash. Prosecutors have not filed charges of prostitution, or money laundering or tax evasion, although they allege all three. They do say the money is ill-gotten gains, and they've filed an asset forfeiture complaint to keep it. Schultz is fighting to keep her cash.

Details here from the San Jose Mercury News. (Earlier post about Brazil and a link to her website are here.)