In Defense of Ashcroft

A few of you may have been upset by my "one sided" portrayal of Attorney General Ashcroft in my earlier posts. I deny being one-sided in my depiction of Mr. Ashcroft. But even if I was, I think this tribute to his, um, "entertainment side" should cure any earlier defect: Here's A.G. Ashcroft, singing a religious song that he wrote, and doing so in public, and badly.

If I were the President of the United States, I might have a few rules that I would ask my Attorney General to follow. They'd probably include instructions NOT to do any of the following:

1) If you think of any really bad songs, write them down and record them.
2) Extra points if those bad songs extol religion over law, as that would be directly contrary to the purpose of your office;
3) Go ahead and release those bad songs to the public in your official capacity as Attorney General; and
4) Make sure your "performances" of these inappropriate "songs" are videotaped and broadcast on TV and on the internet when you do so.

Apparently, Attorney General John Asshat is doing a superb job. He's reached each and every milestone that he shouldn't have. And he's made himself, his office, our country, our legal system, and you and me look like complete jackasses into the bargain. Hooray!