Trouble Down in Texas

"At least 12 of the people who were sent to prison on the word of a lying, reckless, bigoted lawman in Tulia, Tex., will step into the sweet light and fresh air of freedom [Monday] afternoon. But they have not yet been exonerated."

A total of 38 defendants either were convicted or pleaded guilty "after an absurd 'deep undercover' investigation by a clownish officer named Tom Coleman. The men and women targeted by Mr. Coleman were characterized as major drug traffickers. But no drugs, guns or money were recovered when they were rounded up, publicly humiliated and paraded before the news media, which had been alerted in advance," an Op-Ed in The New York Times says here.

And The Washington Post reports the story here.

I'd like to think this kind of stuff doesn't happen in this country anymore, but apparently it does. (Links via the revamped and "snazzy" How Appealing)

UPDATE: The AP now weighs in here.