"Wild Bill"

I just got a copy of the newly-published Wild Bill -- The Legend and Life of William O. Douglas, America's Most Controversial Supreme Court Justice, By Bruce Allen Murphy.

I've only read the first few of its 518 pages (plus 200 more of notes), but it looks like its going to be a good and interesting read. From the publisher's blurb:

"'Wild Bill' lived up to his nickname by racking up more marriages, more divorces, and more impeachment attempts aimed against him than any other member of the Court. But it was what Douglas did not accomplish that haunted him: He never fulfilled his mother�s ambition for him to become president of the United States. Douglas�s life was the stuff of novels, but with his eye on his public image and his potential electability to the White House, the truth was not good enough for him. Using what he called �literary license,� he wrote three memoirs in which the American public was led to believe that he had suffered from polio as an infant and was raised by an impoverished, widowed mother whose life savings were stolen by the family attorney."

Here's the New York Times' review (via the International Herald Tribune).