Fla. Man Out of Jail 4 Days, Re-Arrested

This guy is either seriously stupid, or he just doesn't care:

A former prisoner picking up his belongings at the Seminole County Sheriff's office was arrested for auto theft and driving on a revoked license.

Ronald A. Mahner, released four days earlier from Seminole County Jail, where he served a sentence for drunken driving, auto theft and habitually driving with a suspended or revoked license, wanted to claim his personal property.

Asked to provide identification, Mahner gave a sheriff's deputy his license, which after routine computer check was found to have been revoked for life.

Deputy Teri Cresswell could not prove Mahner was doing anything illegal without seeing him behind the wheel, so she told him to drive to the back parking lot.

Mahner took the car around back, parked in a fire lane and went inside to claim his clothing, shampoo, dart board and battery charger.

Ann Mallory, a manager in the Forensic Services Section, called in a computer check of the car's tag and found it had been reported stolen the same day Mahner was released from jail.

Mahner was handcuffed and arrested Monday, just as he was about to drive away.

Back in jail, charged again with auto theft and habitually driving on a suspended or revoked license, Mahner's personal property has been returned to storage at the sheriff's office.

From the AP via FindLaw.com here.