The Republican Party: Degenerate Gamblers?

The Republicans f***ed up the last California Gubernatorial election by running an unelectable candidate.

So they lost. Arguably, they lost to a bad Democratic candidate, Grey Davis. But, be that as it may, they had their fair shot, they f***ed it up, and they lost. Fair and square. Now they have to wait four years to play again. Those are the rules of the game, and they know it.

But instead, they are trying to cheat. They can't wait four years to win legitimately. Instead, they need to steal power now.

This whole recall is a slimy, loser's cheat. It's like a gambler desperately trying to win back what he knows he lost fairly by changing the rules after the game has ended.

The Republicans played fair during the last election in California, and they lost. Now, in desperation, they're trying to win by cheating. Don't let them get away with it.

UPDATE: Looks like they got away with it . . . .