Mirena Lawyer Discusses Risks of Popular Birth Control Device

Mirena is one of, if not the most commonly-used IUD's in the world.  Mirena attorney Justinian Lane has recently posted several articles on his Dangerous Drugs blog relating to the risks facing Mirena users:

First, Lane discusses a 2008 case report in which Mirena device migration caused injuries to three women. In one of the three cases, the woman believed she had expelled the Mirena but it had in fact migrated and required surgery to be removed.

Next, Lane discusses a 2011 case report in which two Mirena users required laparoscopic retreival of the Mirena.  Laparoscopic surgery is less-invasive than traditional surgery.  Fortunately, the two women in this case report successfully recovered.

Finally, Lane discusses the 2002 case of a 39-year-old woman who suffered an ectopic pregnancy while using Mirena because the device had migrated into her abdomen.  Ectopic pregnancies and Mirena migration can both be life-threatening.

"I am currently reviewing potential Mirena cases on behalf of women who suffered injuries that may have been caused by Mirena.  I welcome the opportunity to speak to any women who believe their Mirena IUD migrated or otherwise injured them.  If a woman would prefer to discuss her case with another woman initially, I am fortunate enough to work with a talented attorney and several support personnel who would be happy to speak to anyone more comfortable with someone of their own gender," said Lane.