Billion-dollar default judgment reversed

I said that I would “literally eat a shoe” if this judgment wasn’t reversed.  It was.  I won’t be eating any shoes.

The international soft drink maker relied on Dean Panos, a partner with Jenner in Chicago, to beat back a $1.26 billion default judgment in Wisconsin state court in a trade secrets case. The company had originally failed to appear in the case. The 12-lawyer firm Niebler Pyzyk Roth & Carrig of Menomonee Falls, Wis., gave an assist.

Source: - Jenner Partner Rescued PepsiCo From $1.26 Billion Mistake

TWO law firms handled this?  A second-year law student could have handled this.  It takes about a thimble-full of legal skill to get a default judgment or to get one overturned.  I really wish the media would stop reporting them.