Incredible Pictures of Small Sailboat Sinking

This has nothing whatsoever to do with law, but - hey - it's my blawg and I'll write what I want.

You have to check out these incredible photographs of a small sailboat capsizing and sinking underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The boat is a Santana 22. I own one exactly like it, and I sail it on San Francisco Bay regularly. These pictures were taken just last Saturday, April 2.

The sailors were rescued unharmed, but the boat was a total loss. The main problem was that they tried to sail too close to the shore (right off Fort Point). If they'd been out in the middle, they would have been fine. There is speculation that they did it on purpose, hoping to "ride a wave" back into the Bay. If so, that was an incredibly stupid decision that put lives at risk. [end of digression]